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Surprise?! Do you like surprises?

Hello everyone! I hope you´re all having a wonderful day!

Many of you have already been reading my blog for a while now, and I´m very happy that the blog´s recently launched Facebook page now has 200 likers. Yes! The Sustainaboost community is growing! Great to have you all onboard. For you who yet don´t now me or the blog. Welcome, great to have you here and that you found Sustainaboost among all millions of blogs out there.

I´m very grateful for the positive feedback I have received on calls, messages, social medias etc… and I think I speak for all bloggers when I say that I truly appreciate engages and interactions on all different platforms, wherever we connect. Every like, comment, share, favor or ReTweet really means a lot to me… and therefore I wanted to show my appreciation. I thought: What can I do? What would I like if I were you and what would make me happy?

A surprise of course! There I had it, a brilliant idea, I love surprises! …and I figured that you guys and people reading my blog, are interested in pretty much the same things I´m in to, and therefore… you also must like surprises! You know like those ones, when you click on a link, to find a page with the hope to read something interesting and there it is… one in bright colors, flashing ad that says: “Congratulations!” You are visitor #1.000.000, just click on the link to cash in 100.000 dollars, or something like that. Don´t you just love that as well?!

The other day when I saw that 183 people, at the time, had pushed the like-button on the Sustainaboost on Facebook, i decided to make something special for the number 200 person to like the page. …but what kind of surprise could I possibly make? Could I send something? …or could I get an online gift-card? Well, I thought: I´ll figure something out when it reaches 200. It said swisch and boom and oops, it happened! 200 likes. I was relieved when I saw that the number 200 sustainabooster lived in Barcelona. Nice, no worries about what to make or buy, what and where to send it or where to search for stuff online.

…so I wrote a surprise message earlier:

“Congratulations! You are liker #200 and therefore you have won an exclusive lunch. Inform me about your favorite vegetarian restaurant, date and time preferable! Have a nice day!”

Aaahaha!! 😀 Well, I did not write exactly like that, but it felt really funny to actually write one of those “you won 100.000 dollars” kind of messages. 😉 …and what happened to the expression: “There ain´t such thing as a free lunch?!”

I wanted to put a photo on this post with a really tasty looking lunch on it. However I noticed that I hardly had any pictures of food at all. The closest to lunch I could get was this pic below, of a table at one of my favorite restaurants. Notice how the tree is preparing for the winter! 🙂 …and click on pic for link to Sustainaboost on Instagram! Funny though when I think about all delicious looking dishes shown on Facebook and Instagram every day and I don´t have any… Hmmm?! Am I not normal?! …but then again, what is normal in this world… and who says so?! 😉

Keep warm, winter´s approaches! ;)

Keep warm, winter´s approaches! 😉

Thank you all very much for reading, especially big thanks to you, who read all way down to here! 😉 Please, spread the word about Sustainaboost! Smile and keep on having a wonderful day, love to you all!

About… facebook.com/Sustainaboost ;)

Hello! I hope you´re all having a great day! 🙂 It feels really good to see that so many liked the page on Facebook, that was just published yesterday on the afternoon. Like, comment and share however you want to! Spread the word to family, friends and everybody else! Boost Sustainaboost for sustainable future, happier life and healthier planet! Yes! Let´s all go Sustainaboost!! 😀

Sustainaboost! :D

Sustainaboost! 😀

Sustainaboost, now on Facebook! :D

I´m very happy to announce that Sustainaboost now has got a page on Facebook! Not only posts from the blog will be shared there, but also videos, pictures, articles and texts from other sources dealing with topics of interests for Sustainaboost and its readers. I would also like to present the new Sustainaboost mascot to you all. Meet Susty the dragonfly! 😀



The dragonfly symbolizes attributes like dreams, change, speed, action as well as the ability to see the truth. These skills make Susty the dragonfly perfect for Sustainaboost. 😉 A big welcome now everybody to join us on Facebook. Just click on the photo above and you´ll get to the page, like it and share it among your friends. For a better world with more love and happiness, here we go! Have a great evening! 😀 …by the way, here you have 14 fun facts about dragonflies, that could be news for you!