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Reuse and create!

Look, how easy it is to make something useful of old junk! I put an old champagne box, another kind of storage box and a frame together and there it is… A very practical table with small racks on the side for storing fruits and veggies or whatever else we’d like to keep there.


I also need to mention how easy it is here in Barcelona, to find old furnitures, decoration and material for reuse or recycling. Every district or suburb here has one specific day a week each, when you can put out whatever things you don’t need anymore, in the street. People hereby get the chance to pick and choose among all things they can find useful. If you find a sofa for example, that you like more than your old one, just change it for that one!

This gives the population a possibility to have nice comfortable homes, even if they don’t want to contribute to the stressed consumption society and put further pressure on the planet. If you change some interior every now and then and if you reuse, sometimes remarkably fine arts and furnitures you have hard to understand that someone doesn’t want, then in a few years, you’ll have a wonderful decorated home without spending a fortune on it.

After midnight of the actual date for each district’s “throw away day” the municipality collects and takes away the junk and old stuff that are left in the streets. I think it’s great and very sustainable how these things work here. For sure it could inspire other cities to do it in the same organized way. Have a nice day! 🙂

Earth fair, Barcelona

I´m dedicating this blog post to Fira de la Tierra (Earth fair), in Parc de la Ciutadella, in the centre of Barcelona. This is a wonderful event in April every year, showing love and respect for Mother Earth.

arc de triomfalazoo

Among stands of handicrafts, artisans, entertainers, artists and musicians, all the way from Arc de Triumf, throughout the park and down towards the Barcelona Zoo, you also see a big range of stalls from companies and cooperatives displaying their smart products from the best of sustainable and renewable inventions. These can be things such as solar kitchens, solar panels, water purification and filter systems, sustainable architecture and construction with different solutions like cal-earth or earth ship buildings. http://www.ecoarquitectura.info/


Some of my favorite type of stalls are those from all local farmers selling seeds, plants and fruits, these of course being organic and ecologically cultivated. If I should select one of all represented organizations, to tell you a little bit more about, I would choose Hortganic! This is a very nice cooperation and network that brings the locally produced fruits, veggies and herbs, into the city of Barcelona for its people to enjoy. The collaboration with farmers, and to distribute their products, is not limited only to sell through fruit and vegetable shops. You can for example as a customer also, in a very clever way, pick up your weekly food basket at your local yoga-centre, always with the best quality of locally grown organic food, flavored by the sun.


I hope that the Earth fair of Barcelona and similar events with its happy and joyful atmosphere can inspire other cities and towns across the globe, to host the same concepts of happenings. From the Earth fair this year we now have three varieties of Basil, two different Coriander plants, Stevia and Mint added on to our little balcony garden, but also the warm memories of great music, delicious food and loving happy people from every corner of the planet. As long as I´m here in Barcelona on the actual dates, for sure I will go to Earth fair again, to participate in the celebration of Mother Earth, every year. Truly recommended! 😀 Have a great day all of you!