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Traveling with the wind and the sun on the sea

Hello all readers out there on our beautiful green and blue planet. This post is mainly about the bigger part of it, the blue one, and how to enjoy it to the max. To get the feeling of oneness, that we are all united parts of the same Universe, to truly feel the nature and inhale the fresh air. Is there a better way than to go sailing? To feel the wind in your hair, the sun warming your skin, onboard a boat sliding through the water, caressing the soft waves. Well, my opinion is that perhaps windsurfing is just as great, but then again, you can´t really bring your best friends on a surfboard. So, I have to say no, there´s not many things beating sailing. Just have a look at this picture below! Imagine the sound from the waves, the wind in the sails. Feel the energy from the sun!

Main sail and genoa set for a great day

Main sail and genoa set for a great day

I have some tips for you all, no matter if you are sailing often, if you would like to do it more frequently or even for you guys who never even tried it. Because it´s truly recommended, you will love it! A great hobby, that doesn´t need to cost much either.

I love to feel that I´m one with the nature! It´s not important where, if I´m in the forest, on a mountain or on the beach. Well I don´t like desert very much. 😉 …but beautiful views, I love that, and from a boat, the views are beautiful in whatever direction you turn. Another favorite aspect is spending time with my friends, as well as meeting their friends and other people. Whenever I have the chance I go kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing or even swimming. Perhaps I was a fish or maybe a sea bear in a previous life?! I don´t know. I just love being close to water, it has a very calming and relaxing effect on me. What I don´t like so much are powerboats, except for the electric ones, I like those. But most powerboats are too noisy, disturbing the life and the surroundings. Powered on fossil fuels they also have their emissions, leaving oily film on surfaces in every harbor. Of course, for many, they can be convenient as a fast transport, but when I go out on the lake or on the sea, the journey is the goal, not getting to somewhere in a rush. No, if I will get myself a boat in the future it´s definitely going to be a quiet electric boat, or preferably a sailboat.

Here´s a photo from a beautiful morning less than two weeks ago. Some of my friends meditating in the morning sun.

Beautiful morning, meditating on a sailboat

Beautiful morning, meditating on a sailboat

This was a magical day! Me and six friends met up in the harbor of Barceloneta. It was early in the morning and still dark. We wanted to see the sunrise from the boat. There, above the wharf was a big mobile funfair, from a big “fiesta” the days before. Carousels, ghost trains, fun houses, popcorn stands and a huge Ferris wheel, but yet so calm and quiet. I´m sure there were laughter, music, flashing lights and all kind of noisy movements just a few hours before we got there. The air that morning by the sea, was incredibly fresh and the moist the tiny breeze brought in from the sea, tasted like a dream, or at least what I can imagine a dream would taste like. 😉 We slipped quietly through the marina, the water was like a mirror. On the picture below you see the sunrise just before we passed the clock tower. This tower makes out the limit between where you´re allowed to have set sails or just go by engine. (Outside or inside of the marina.) We had to keep the engine running a bit further, but just after the cruise terminal the breeze speeded up.

Sunrise in Port Vell, Barcelona

Sunrise in Port Vell, Barcelona

We set sail and the wind pushed us ahead, towards the horizon. This was such an amazing day and it will always be, in my memories. We joked, we laughed, we sang and we shared tasty fruits, nuts, drinks etc… Whatever we had brought. We also went for a swim, holding on tight to a rope tied to the boat. That was hilarious, with the speed you almost felt like a dolphin. Haha! I´m actually smiling right now, only thinking about it. Here´s a picture of me navigating the boat in full speed.

Steering starboard in the sun with the wind and the compass

Steering starboard in the sun with the wind and the compass

I was so happy, especially since it had been a while since my last sail. Wow, almost two years actually, now when I think about it. We cruised and squared, turned larboard and starboard. It was just really great and the city was also beautiful to see from the sea. This is a view of Barcelona from the boat.

My wonderful city from the sea

My wonderful city from the sea

I really recommend sailing as recreation, it is so relaxing, for both body and soul. If you like boat life, but care for Mother Nature, or simply if you just think motorboats are to noisy, sailing is definitely the way to go. If you want to be even more sustainable and truly are caring for the environment, a tip is to rent your boat, those days you want to get out, or look around for boat sharing concepts that are becoming more popular all around the world. Check out the local sailing club! On the club here you get a monthly membership for €35, and then you have a boat included for one day every month, after that it costs €75 per day to rent a boat. What you can do then if you feel that it´s really a hobby for you, why not get together with a few friends and split the costs?

For example, if you are ten friends that enjoy this, and let´s say four enters the club, that´s €35 x 4, so €140 per month and then you have a boat included four days every month. That´s great don´t you think? €14 per person/month to go on a lovely boat trip every Sunday! In these smart ways you get out more use efficiency in every boat produced and therefore smaller footprints of negative environmental impact, because once it has been manufactured it´s pretty much harmless for the nature, especially with an electric help engine. Of course choosing the right hull paint is important and taking care of your trash and waste! Maintenance is the downside of all boat ownership, really boring and can also be costly, yet another reason to share boats with others in different smart concepts.

So, there you see! Sailing can be a great hobby for all people. A true alternative luxury in our everyday life. Well maybe not if you´re having phobia for water but then you´re not really interested in unsustainable yachting either. 😉 If you never tried sailing, just go and give it a try! First then you´ll know. I bet you will love it! Talk to your friends, post on social medias, maybe there are others interested in this wonderful form of recreation as well. If you already are into sailing, consider sharing boats with others… for the planet and for the future, for our kids and grandchildren!

On the photo below, some beautiful tall ships visiting Barcelona, we saw these on our way back to the marina. We were forced to wait 45 minutes before entering the harbor due to an open water swim contest or Triathlon or something like that. Well, it was ok, circling around this old beauties, I could do forever.

Beautiful classic tall ships visiting Barcelona

Beautiful classic tall ships visiting Barcelona

For thousands of years sailing was the way to navigate around the world. We have the power by Mother Nature in the wind, we have all the sun we need. Let´s just leave the fossils where they belong, deeply buried in history! Have a great day! 😀 …and if you enjoyed the reading please recommend Sustainaboost to others, spread the word, for a better world! Thanks! Over and out…


105.000 people can´t be wrong!

I am amazed! No more being stuck in traffic, no more trying to find a parking spot, no more running after busses, no more time spent on, by tourists and pickpockets crowded metro platforms, no more waiting for the tram or wasting money on expensive taxi fares!

After trying for just a little bit more than a week. I am totally convinced! I love “Bicing” and its great concept of bike sharing here in Barcelona. If I´m alone to see the clever in this? No! Almost 105.000 citizens are using this service and the popularity is growing. In Barcelona bikes are stolen all the time and you´re recommended to invest the same amount of money on your locks, as you did on your bike in the first place. …but, with Bicing, you´ll need no more worries my friend. You don´t need to carry your bike up and down the stairs anymore, and no matter where in the city you are, you can almost be sure to have a Bicing station within two or three blocks from you. Where I live, I have six stations within a distance of 300 meters, the closest one is just a block away.

Click on the pic below to see the map showing the locations of all Bicing stations.

Bicing Station by the beach in Barcelona

Bicing Station by the beach in Barcelona

Whenever you want to go somewhere in the city, you just catch a bike from nearest Bicing station. Slip your magnetic card, grab the bike suggested on the display and off you go. You have 30 minutes per ride on your annual subscription included. If you´re holding on to the bike longer than that you need to pay an extra fee. About 45 euros is the yearly cost, that´s pretty much what I spent before only on Metro cards every month. You can return your bike at any of the 420 stations around, wherever it is convenient for you. Bicing has 6000 bikes available for its clients and every bike travels an average of more than 550 km per month. That´s pretty impressive.

The photo below is a link to a map of Barcelona with the main bike lanes displayed.

Bike lanes photographed from my balcony

Bike lanes photographed from my balcony

Barcelona is an excellent city for this concept. The weather conditions are great most time of the year. Since the main part of the city is rather flat you don´t need to struggle going uphill all the time. There are also a lot of space, for example if you´re cruising on the beach walk or along the biggest streets and avenues like Diagonal or Gran Via. Usually you just need to go a couple of blocks to find a nice bike lane integrated in the street. It feels very good to cycle through the city, passing car queues and traffic jams smoothly, and it´s so nice to feel the breeze in your hair while moving around downtown in the sunshine instead of sitting or standing in a really warm bus.

Below you have screenshot of the Bicing smartphone app. It´s really useful, showing you where you can find an available bike or a space to park the one you´re already on. If you click on the pic you will see a listing of the largest bike sharing programs around the world. Is there bike sharing in your city? If you have experience or thoughts on the concept, please feel free to comment on the blog post! 🙂

Some of the more than 420 Bicing stations in Barcelona

Some of the more than 420 Bicing stations in Barcelona

Unfortunately Bicing is not available for tourists from outside of Catalonia. I now that in Gothenburg for example you can get a three days pass on the bike sharing there for about €1,20 and that´s a good price. Here the many bike rental shops were strictly against these kind of offers. As a tourist you can find so many alternatives to Bicing, but if you´re living here it´s truly recommended. Personally I think it´s the very best way of getting around here, no doubt.

Sustainaboost just registered on Instagram a week ago. If you like the new photos, feel free to follow us there. Just click on the picture for the link so you can like and comment on all future pictures. Come on now, click! …let´s see if you can click on my nose! 😉 Hehe!

Cruising on a mission ;)

Cruising on a mission 😉

Wonderful little movie of a cruise in Barcelona! Looks great don´t you think?!

Anyway folks, I´m so happy that I started to use Bicing. This city changed a lot in my point of view, and it´s all for the better. If you also want to subscribe on this wonderfully clever bike sharing, that saves you money, improves your health and reduce emissions and noise. Just click on the Bicing logo below for the official webpage! …and if your family and friends or anyone you know are tired of the traffic situation, just recommend them bike sharing or share this blog post with them, so they can read a little bit about it as well. You can find similar concepts in many cities.

Bike Sharing System of Barcelona

Bike Sharing System of Barcelona

Thank you very much for reading! Have a great day… all boosters out there! Together we´ll make the world better, just keep on smiling! 😀

A spin down Electric Avenue?!

Last week I signed up. I´m so excited! I signed up for a test drive of the new BMW i3. It´s not only the first all-electric car by BMW, but also the first all-electric serial produced car that I have the pleasure to drive. I´ve always liked driving these cars from the Bayern brand, the sensation you get there behind the wheel is great. The steering is just so exact synchronized and the comfort you feel in that perfectly molded seat is fantastic. Of course with the performance on the road, with acceleration for safe overtakings and the way these cars go through the curves, sure make one fine example of German engineering at its best.

Click on the photo to read about the philosophy behind BMW i - The City Mobility Project

Click on the photo to read about the philosophy behind BMW i – The City Mobility Project

I like that more and more manufacturers are beginning to produce electric cars at last. We, the market, have been waiting for this. More brands to choose from, bigger series, better infrastructure when it comes to charging stations with better technology, cheaper purchase etc… Mobility is finally ready to take one more step in evolution. The concept of BMW i, stands for sustainable mobility. Innovative electric vehicles with great design and best of service. Please click on the logo above to read more about the philosophy behind their concept! Below, you have the trailer for BMW i3, the car I signed up for, to take on a test drive. It´ll be great! I can´t wait! 😉

For the moment, I don´t have a car, but I know that I will pretty soon need one again. Of course it should be electric. The dream, for long now, has been a white beauty with the name Tesla Model S, but now I´m not so certain. Perhaps I´m going to like the “Bimmer” that much I actually change my mind. Also interesting is the hybrid Opel Ampera, that already has been around now for a while, which makes it possible to actually find a used one, for a better price. The same with Nissan Leaf. It´s a pity that Volvo C30 Electric is made in a limited serie of only 100 cars this year, and that these cars will be leased exclusively to special clients of theirs for testing. Hmm… perhaps Sustainaboost could become a special client?! 😉 I like Volvo a lot and I have been driving many in the past. It is a very safe car Volvo, it saves lives. I know that from experience. 😀 Anyway, I´m looking forward to try the new all-electric BMW and I´m sharing the opportunity with you, here below.

Click on the picture to sign up for a BMW i3 testdrive!

Click on the picture to sign up for a BMW i3 test drive!

Go on! Be one of the first people in the world to try this new car of great innovations, click now! Drive safe, all of you out there! 🙂

By the way, feel free to like, share and comment and please, if you know people who could be interested in the topics I write about, spread the word! Thanks for reading! …and have a great day! 😀

Rent electric!

I´m so happy to see that more and more companies offer electric vehicles for rent in my city, (I´m especially happy if they charge the batteries with renewable energy). Wherever you go here in Barcelona, you see shops in all sizes, small, medium or big, renting out a large range of electric bicycles, motorbikes or cars. The trend of an increasing amount of offices within this niche, shows that there is a great demand among the millions of tourists that come here every year. You can cruise along the beach on the boardwalk in the sunshine, with wind in your hair, but without engine noise in your ears. If you´re cycling up the hills to enjoy the wonderful view overlooking the city, with the sea in the background, it can be really helpful with an electric boost helping you to get a move on those pedals.

Pictures below: The beach of Barceloneta from the cable car to Montjuïc and a beautiful view from Parc Güell overlooking the city.


I hope that renting electric can be an eye-opener and an inspiring thing, so that people who are trying these vehicles here on their vacation, will consider to go electric next time they turn their car in for a new one, or next time they buy a new motorbike. Another great thing in Barcelona is the “Bicing“, a mass transit system. With your bicing card, you´re free to catch a bike from one of the many bike stations and ride it to wherever you´re going in the city, and then you just park it in another station. I know that a lot of cities use the same clever concept, for example the city of Stockholm.


Pictures above: On the first photo you have an office with electric bikes for rent. It´s a new shop that opened just recently here in my neighborhood. I spotted it on my way to the beach the other day. A small business with a few bikes, but a brilliant idea with great potential. I´m sure they will do excellent. The second one, is a photo of me riding one of my bikes. There´s no engine on this one, except me, myself and I! Still young! 😉 …and still going strong! 😀 Hehe! No, but seriously! If you want to transport yourself in a more sustainable way, turning your back to fossil fuels, than going by bike, you need to walk… and if you want to go extremely sustainable, walk barefooted! Wow! Talking about global footprints! 😉