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It´s smart, it´s green, it´s Ecosummit! :D

The Crystal by Siemens! A beautiful sustainability center.

The Crystal by Siemens! A beautiful sustainability center.

Today Ecosummit London 2013 starts. The smart green city conference lasts for two days and is taking place in The Crystal, one of the most sustainable buildings in the world. The Crystal is located on Royal Victoria Dock in East London. It is the sustainability headquarter for Siemens, which is a leader in many technical fields, within sustainable development, for example wind, but they also had an important role during the development of one of my favorite electric cars, the Volvo C30 Electric. Click on the link if you want more info about Siemens and The Crystal. Check out the trailer for Ecosummit London 2013 with Jan Michael Hess!

Sustainable development globally, is what we need! …and this on all levels. Corporations, politics, laws, regulations, nations, regionally, locally, socially and individually. Everything needs to change for the better, habits, patterns of consumption, demands on products and resources, production in circular loops etc… if we want a possible future on our planet. Jan Michael Hess, the smart green entrepreneur and the founder of Ecosummit, is creating a meeting arena and a forum for communication of great importance when it comes to smart green business. During two days representatives for startups, VCs and corporates get a fantastic opportunity to build relations and tie contacts for future business and collaborations. During the event 58 speakers will enter the stage, including 31 startups pitching their ideas and innovations. Each one has the stage for 20 minutes.

Conrad Eß from Green Technology Staffing making a great speech

Conrad Eß from Green Technology Staffing making a great speech

By the way, if you look for a job within greentech, click on the pic above to connect  on Twitter with great recruiting firm, Green Technology Staffing.

Personally, I would describe the speeches like a great mixture between the TV-show, Dragon´s den and really good Ted-talks. It´s truly interesting if you are into the latest technical, social and smart innovations out there. Sometimes you get surprised by all clever people and the news they come up with. Things we´ll probably take for granted in a near future. What I also enjoy very much, since I spent 18 years trading, following markets and making analysis, fundamental as well as technical, is to hear the startups presenting their ratios, forecasts, aims and size of investment looked for, and then answering questions from the audience. The companies also have the chance to win the awards. On this picture you see the happy winners from the last summit in Berlin!

ECO13 Award Winners in Berlin

ECO13 Award Winners in Berlin

I was introduced to Jan by a norwegian friend, two years ago, and joined the team of Ecosummit as an ambassador. I have enjoyed this very much. It has also been very good to see how Jan works. Always happy, in a good mood, social, easygoing and very inspiring. Working as an ambassador on the conferences means that you are one in a team of usually 20 people who alternate on different stations, for example, registration, microphone running, cloakroom, interviewing etc… The schedule is tailored for you individually and you´ll always have plenty of time to see the speeches you want and to meet all interesting people. There´s always an impressive line-up of speakers, the most interesting startups, well known VCs and corporations. What I like most is the mix of people, during the coffee breaks, lunch, dinner and evening parties, you mingle and socialize with all kinds of people, from exciting scientists, caring hippies and strict businessmen. I think I have a little bit of each one of these characters, maybe that´s why I enjoy the interaction so much, they´re all really nice and easy to talk too.

Radialsystem is beautifully located by the river Spree in Berlin

Radialsystem is beautifully located by the river Spree in Berlin

Unfortunately I´m not in London and The Crystal for Ecosummit this time, I had too much with my projects and too little time and with the short notice and the stress it was almost a relief when Jan told me the team had great backup by The Crystal staff and all the force that was needed. Now I can focus on this week´s gardening, we´re setting up a new small urban farm of approximately 400 square meters. However, I would love to be in London to see all great people I know from before and to meet new nice friends as well, but at least I can take care of my plants, last time after a week in Berlin all my fresh spices and herbs were dried… spices and herbs. 😉 To all the people on Ecosummit, I wish you two wonderful and interesting days with nice meetings and happy laughs. I´ll try to follow your news on Twitter these days. We´ll hopefully meet in Berlin in June next year instead. 🙂

To all readers who are not in London, I guess that´s the majority of you all, check out these links to see more about Ecosummit and to connect on Social Medias. Follow on Twitter or like on Facebook and you really need to see the Ecosummit TV that now has more than 70.000 views. There you have all wonderful speeches and super interesting presentations! Spread the word about Jan Michael Hess and his Ecosummit to all people you think could be interested. I hope to see you on next Ecosummit. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! 🙂

Ecosummit Berlin 2013


Earth fair, Barcelona

I´m dedicating this blog post to Fira de la Tierra (Earth fair), in Parc de la Ciutadella, in the centre of Barcelona. This is a wonderful event in April every year, showing love and respect for Mother Earth.

arc de triomfalazoo

Among stands of handicrafts, artisans, entertainers, artists and musicians, all the way from Arc de Triumf, throughout the park and down towards the Barcelona Zoo, you also see a big range of stalls from companies and cooperatives displaying their smart products from the best of sustainable and renewable inventions. These can be things such as solar kitchens, solar panels, water purification and filter systems, sustainable architecture and construction with different solutions like cal-earth or earth ship buildings.


Some of my favorite type of stalls are those from all local farmers selling seeds, plants and fruits, these of course being organic and ecologically cultivated. If I should select one of all represented organizations, to tell you a little bit more about, I would choose Hortganic! This is a very nice cooperation and network that brings the locally produced fruits, veggies and herbs, into the city of Barcelona for its people to enjoy. The collaboration with farmers, and to distribute their products, is not limited only to sell through fruit and vegetable shops. You can for example as a customer also, in a very clever way, pick up your weekly food basket at your local yoga-centre, always with the best quality of locally grown organic food, flavored by the sun.


I hope that the Earth fair of Barcelona and similar events with its happy and joyful atmosphere can inspire other cities and towns across the globe, to host the same concepts of happenings. From the Earth fair this year we now have three varieties of Basil, two different Coriander plants, Stevia and Mint added on to our little balcony garden, but also the warm memories of great music, delicious food and loving happy people from every corner of the planet. As long as I´m here in Barcelona on the actual dates, for sure I will go to Earth fair again, to participate in the celebration of Mother Earth, every year. Truly recommended! 😀 Have a great day all of you!