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Surprise?! Do you like surprises?

Hello everyone! I hope you´re all having a wonderful day!

Many of you have already been reading my blog for a while now, and I´m very happy that the blog´s recently launched Facebook page now has 200 likers. Yes! The Sustainaboost community is growing! Great to have you all onboard. For you who yet don´t now me or the blog. Welcome, great to have you here and that you found Sustainaboost among all millions of blogs out there.

I´m very grateful for the positive feedback I have received on calls, messages, social medias etc… and I think I speak for all bloggers when I say that I truly appreciate engages and interactions on all different platforms, wherever we connect. Every like, comment, share, favor or ReTweet really means a lot to me… and therefore I wanted to show my appreciation. I thought: What can I do? What would I like if I were you and what would make me happy?

A surprise of course! There I had it, a brilliant idea, I love surprises! …and I figured that you guys and people reading my blog, are interested in pretty much the same things I´m in to, and therefore… you also must like surprises! You know like those ones, when you click on a link, to find a page with the hope to read something interesting and there it is… one in bright colors, flashing ad that says: “Congratulations!” You are visitor #1.000.000, just click on the link to cash in 100.000 dollars, or something like that. Don´t you just love that as well?!

The other day when I saw that 183 people, at the time, had pushed the like-button on the Sustainaboost on Facebook, i decided to make something special for the number 200 person to like the page. …but what kind of surprise could I possibly make? Could I send something? …or could I get an online gift-card? Well, I thought: I´ll figure something out when it reaches 200. It said swisch and boom and oops, it happened! 200 likes. I was relieved when I saw that the number 200 sustainabooster lived in Barcelona. Nice, no worries about what to make or buy, what and where to send it or where to search for stuff online.

…so I wrote a surprise message earlier:

“Congratulations! You are liker #200 and therefore you have won an exclusive lunch. Inform me about your favorite vegetarian restaurant, date and time preferable! Have a nice day!”

Aaahaha!! 😀 Well, I did not write exactly like that, but it felt really funny to actually write one of those “you won 100.000 dollars” kind of messages. 😉 …and what happened to the expression: “There ain´t such thing as a free lunch?!”

I wanted to put a photo on this post with a really tasty looking lunch on it. However I noticed that I hardly had any pictures of food at all. The closest to lunch I could get was this pic below, of a table at one of my favorite restaurants. Notice how the tree is preparing for the winter! 🙂 …and click on pic for link to Sustainaboost on Instagram! Funny though when I think about all delicious looking dishes shown on Facebook and Instagram every day and I don´t have any… Hmmm?! Am I not normal?! …but then again, what is normal in this world… and who says so?! 😉

Keep warm, winter´s approaches! ;)

Keep warm, winter´s approaches! 😉

Thank you all very much for reading, especially big thanks to you, who read all way down to here! 😉 Please, spread the word about Sustainaboost! Smile and keep on having a wonderful day, love to you all!

105.000 people can´t be wrong!

I am amazed! No more being stuck in traffic, no more trying to find a parking spot, no more running after busses, no more time spent on, by tourists and pickpockets crowded metro platforms, no more waiting for the tram or wasting money on expensive taxi fares!

After trying for just a little bit more than a week. I am totally convinced! I love “Bicing” and its great concept of bike sharing here in Barcelona. If I´m alone to see the clever in this? No! Almost 105.000 citizens are using this service and the popularity is growing. In Barcelona bikes are stolen all the time and you´re recommended to invest the same amount of money on your locks, as you did on your bike in the first place. …but, with Bicing, you´ll need no more worries my friend. You don´t need to carry your bike up and down the stairs anymore, and no matter where in the city you are, you can almost be sure to have a Bicing station within two or three blocks from you. Where I live, I have six stations within a distance of 300 meters, the closest one is just a block away.

Click on the pic below to see the map showing the locations of all Bicing stations.

Bicing Station by the beach in Barcelona

Bicing Station by the beach in Barcelona

Whenever you want to go somewhere in the city, you just catch a bike from nearest Bicing station. Slip your magnetic card, grab the bike suggested on the display and off you go. You have 30 minutes per ride on your annual subscription included. If you´re holding on to the bike longer than that you need to pay an extra fee. About 45 euros is the yearly cost, that´s pretty much what I spent before only on Metro cards every month. You can return your bike at any of the 420 stations around, wherever it is convenient for you. Bicing has 6000 bikes available for its clients and every bike travels an average of more than 550 km per month. That´s pretty impressive.

The photo below is a link to a map of Barcelona with the main bike lanes displayed.

Bike lanes photographed from my balcony

Bike lanes photographed from my balcony

Barcelona is an excellent city for this concept. The weather conditions are great most time of the year. Since the main part of the city is rather flat you don´t need to struggle going uphill all the time. There are also a lot of space, for example if you´re cruising on the beach walk or along the biggest streets and avenues like Diagonal or Gran Via. Usually you just need to go a couple of blocks to find a nice bike lane integrated in the street. It feels very good to cycle through the city, passing car queues and traffic jams smoothly, and it´s so nice to feel the breeze in your hair while moving around downtown in the sunshine instead of sitting or standing in a really warm bus.

Below you have screenshot of the Bicing smartphone app. It´s really useful, showing you where you can find an available bike or a space to park the one you´re already on. If you click on the pic you will see a listing of the largest bike sharing programs around the world. Is there bike sharing in your city? If you have experience or thoughts on the concept, please feel free to comment on the blog post! 🙂

Some of the more than 420 Bicing stations in Barcelona

Some of the more than 420 Bicing stations in Barcelona

Unfortunately Bicing is not available for tourists from outside of Catalonia. I now that in Gothenburg for example you can get a three days pass on the bike sharing there for about €1,20 and that´s a good price. Here the many bike rental shops were strictly against these kind of offers. As a tourist you can find so many alternatives to Bicing, but if you´re living here it´s truly recommended. Personally I think it´s the very best way of getting around here, no doubt.

Sustainaboost just registered on Instagram a week ago. If you like the new photos, feel free to follow us there. Just click on the picture for the link so you can like and comment on all future pictures. Come on now, click! …let´s see if you can click on my nose! 😉 Hehe!

Cruising on a mission ;)

Cruising on a mission 😉

Wonderful little movie of a cruise in Barcelona! Looks great don´t you think?!

Anyway folks, I´m so happy that I started to use Bicing. This city changed a lot in my point of view, and it´s all for the better. If you also want to subscribe on this wonderfully clever bike sharing, that saves you money, improves your health and reduce emissions and noise. Just click on the Bicing logo below for the official webpage! …and if your family and friends or anyone you know are tired of the traffic situation, just recommend them bike sharing or share this blog post with them, so they can read a little bit about it as well. You can find similar concepts in many cities.

Bike Sharing System of Barcelona

Bike Sharing System of Barcelona

Thank you very much for reading! Have a great day… all boosters out there! Together we´ll make the world better, just keep on smiling! 😀

Rent electric!

I´m so happy to see that more and more companies offer electric vehicles for rent in my city, (I´m especially happy if they charge the batteries with renewable energy). Wherever you go here in Barcelona, you see shops in all sizes, small, medium or big, renting out a large range of electric bicycles, motorbikes or cars. The trend of an increasing amount of offices within this niche, shows that there is a great demand among the millions of tourists that come here every year. You can cruise along the beach on the boardwalk in the sunshine, with wind in your hair, but without engine noise in your ears. If you´re cycling up the hills to enjoy the wonderful view overlooking the city, with the sea in the background, it can be really helpful with an electric boost helping you to get a move on those pedals.

Pictures below: The beach of Barceloneta from the cable car to Montjuïc and a beautiful view from Parc Güell overlooking the city.


I hope that renting electric can be an eye-opener and an inspiring thing, so that people who are trying these vehicles here on their vacation, will consider to go electric next time they turn their car in for a new one, or next time they buy a new motorbike. Another great thing in Barcelona is the “Bicing“, a mass transit system. With your bicing card, you´re free to catch a bike from one of the many bike stations and ride it to wherever you´re going in the city, and then you just park it in another station. I know that a lot of cities use the same clever concept, for example the city of Stockholm.


Pictures above: On the first photo you have an office with electric bikes for rent. It´s a new shop that opened just recently here in my neighborhood. I spotted it on my way to the beach the other day. A small business with a few bikes, but a brilliant idea with great potential. I´m sure they will do excellent. The second one, is a photo of me riding one of my bikes. There´s no engine on this one, except me, myself and I! Still young! 😉 …and still going strong! 😀 Hehe! No, but seriously! If you want to transport yourself in a more sustainable way, turning your back to fossil fuels, than going by bike, you need to walk… and if you want to go extremely sustainable, walk barefooted! Wow! Talking about global footprints! 😉

Reuse and create!

Look, how easy it is to make something useful of old junk! I put an old champagne box, another kind of storage box and a frame together and there it is… A very practical table with small racks on the side for storing fruits and veggies or whatever else we’d like to keep there.


I also need to mention how easy it is here in Barcelona, to find old furnitures, decoration and material for reuse or recycling. Every district or suburb here has one specific day a week each, when you can put out whatever things you don’t need anymore, in the street. People hereby get the chance to pick and choose among all things they can find useful. If you find a sofa for example, that you like more than your old one, just change it for that one!

This gives the population a possibility to have nice comfortable homes, even if they don’t want to contribute to the stressed consumption society and put further pressure on the planet. If you change some interior every now and then and if you reuse, sometimes remarkably fine arts and furnitures you have hard to understand that someone doesn’t want, then in a few years, you’ll have a wonderful decorated home without spending a fortune on it.

After midnight of the actual date for each district’s “throw away day” the municipality collects and takes away the junk and old stuff that are left in the streets. I think it’s great and very sustainable how these things work here. For sure it could inspire other cities to do it in the same organized way. Have a nice day! 🙂

Earth fair, Barcelona

I´m dedicating this blog post to Fira de la Tierra (Earth fair), in Parc de la Ciutadella, in the centre of Barcelona. This is a wonderful event in April every year, showing love and respect for Mother Earth.

arc de triomfalazoo

Among stands of handicrafts, artisans, entertainers, artists and musicians, all the way from Arc de Triumf, throughout the park and down towards the Barcelona Zoo, you also see a big range of stalls from companies and cooperatives displaying their smart products from the best of sustainable and renewable inventions. These can be things such as solar kitchens, solar panels, water purification and filter systems, sustainable architecture and construction with different solutions like cal-earth or earth ship buildings. http://www.ecoarquitectura.info/


Some of my favorite type of stalls are those from all local farmers selling seeds, plants and fruits, these of course being organic and ecologically cultivated. If I should select one of all represented organizations, to tell you a little bit more about, I would choose Hortganic! This is a very nice cooperation and network that brings the locally produced fruits, veggies and herbs, into the city of Barcelona for its people to enjoy. The collaboration with farmers, and to distribute their products, is not limited only to sell through fruit and vegetable shops. You can for example as a customer also, in a very clever way, pick up your weekly food basket at your local yoga-centre, always with the best quality of locally grown organic food, flavored by the sun.


I hope that the Earth fair of Barcelona and similar events with its happy and joyful atmosphere can inspire other cities and towns across the globe, to host the same concepts of happenings. From the Earth fair this year we now have three varieties of Basil, two different Coriander plants, Stevia and Mint added on to our little balcony garden, but also the warm memories of great music, delicious food and loving happy people from every corner of the planet. As long as I´m here in Barcelona on the actual dates, for sure I will go to Earth fair again, to participate in the celebration of Mother Earth, every year. Truly recommended! 😀 Have a great day all of you!