If you´re into crowdfunding, here´s a great project to support! Check this out! Conversation Earth!

This is awesome! Solar paneled road! When will we see this on our highways?! Check it out!

Cruising along the beaches with Bicing in Barcelona. Enjoy the music, the sunshine and the freedom riding your bike! 🙂

Great presentation of Tesla Model S, yes, electric can be so fun!

Last year, a friend of mine recommended me to watch this. I like it and therefore I share it with you now, I hope it can inspire someone to do something creative. If you like design and clever solutions for compact living, here´s a clip for you!

A nice little visit at a farm in Vermont. It shows us some really good ideas on how to cope with a cold climate still being able to do your farming.

This artificial island is really cool! It was built from plastic bottles, now floating in Mexico with a small farm on it and the man behind this, is truly inspiring. He shows that we can do whatever we want!

This short clip is from Barcelona. It shows us a little bit about smart solutions and problem solving, one thing that is great is the big amount of people that transport themselves by the Bicing concept.

Building an Earth ship in Brittany. This turns in to a beautiful sustainable home.

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