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A spin down Electric Avenue?!

Last week I signed up. I´m so excited! I signed up for a test drive of the new BMW i3. It´s not only the first all-electric car by BMW, but also the first all-electric serial produced car that I have the pleasure to drive. I´ve always liked driving these cars from the Bayern brand, the sensation you get there behind the wheel is great. The steering is just so exact synchronized and the comfort you feel in that perfectly molded seat is fantastic. Of course with the performance on the road, with acceleration for safe overtakings and the way these cars go through the curves, sure make one fine example of German engineering at its best.

Click on the photo to read about the philosophy behind BMW i - The City Mobility Project

Click on the photo to read about the philosophy behind BMW i – The City Mobility Project

I like that more and more manufacturers are beginning to produce electric cars at last. We, the market, have been waiting for this. More brands to choose from, bigger series, better infrastructure when it comes to charging stations with better technology, cheaper purchase etc… Mobility is finally ready to take one more step in evolution. The concept of BMW i, stands for sustainable mobility. Innovative electric vehicles with great design and best of service. Please click on the logo above to read more about the philosophy behind their concept! Below, you have the trailer for BMW i3, the car I signed up for, to take on a test drive. It´ll be great! I can´t wait! 😉

For the moment, I don´t have a car, but I know that I will pretty soon need one again. Of course it should be electric. The dream, for long now, has been a white beauty with the name Tesla Model S, but now I´m not so certain. Perhaps I´m going to like the “Bimmer” that much I actually change my mind. Also interesting is the hybrid Opel Ampera, that already has been around now for a while, which makes it possible to actually find a used one, for a better price. The same with Nissan Leaf. It´s a pity that Volvo C30 Electric is made in a limited serie of only 100 cars this year, and that these cars will be leased exclusively to special clients of theirs for testing. Hmm… perhaps Sustainaboost could become a special client?! 😉 I like Volvo a lot and I have been driving many in the past. It is a very safe car Volvo, it saves lives. I know that from experience. 😀 Anyway, I´m looking forward to try the new all-electric BMW and I´m sharing the opportunity with you, here below.

Click on the picture to sign up for a BMW i3 testdrive!

Click on the picture to sign up for a BMW i3 test drive!

Go on! Be one of the first people in the world to try this new car of great innovations, click now! Drive safe, all of you out there! 🙂

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