Sustainaboost, now on Facebook! :D

I´m very happy to announce that Sustainaboost now has got a page on Facebook! Not only posts from the blog will be shared there, but also videos, pictures, articles and texts from other sources dealing with topics of interests for Sustainaboost and its readers. I would also like to present the new Sustainaboost mascot to you all. Meet Susty the dragonfly! 😀



The dragonfly symbolizes attributes like dreams, change, speed, action as well as the ability to see the truth. These skills make Susty the dragonfly perfect for Sustainaboost. 😉 A big welcome now everybody to join us on Facebook. Just click on the photo above and you´ll get to the page, like it and share it among your friends. For a better world with more love and happiness, here we go! Have a great evening! 😀 …by the way, here you have 14 fun facts about dragonflies, that could be news for you!


One thought on “Sustainaboost, now on Facebook! :D

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