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I´m very happy to announce that Sustainaboost now has got a page on Facebook! Not only posts from the blog will be shared there, but also videos, pictures, articles and texts from other sources dealing with topics of interests for Sustainaboost and its readers. I would also like to present the new Sustainaboost mascot to you all. Meet Susty the dragonfly! 😀



The dragonfly symbolizes attributes like dreams, change, speed, action as well as the ability to see the truth. These skills make Susty the dragonfly perfect for Sustainaboost. 😉 A big welcome now everybody to join us on Facebook. Just click on the photo above and you´ll get to the page, like it and share it among your friends. For a better world with more love and happiness, here we go! Have a great evening! 😀 …by the way, here you have 14 fun facts about dragonflies, that could be news for you!


A spin down Electric Avenue?!

Last week I signed up. I´m so excited! I signed up for a test drive of the new BMW i3. It´s not only the first all-electric car by BMW, but also the first all-electric serial produced car that I have the pleasure to drive. I´ve always liked driving these cars from the Bayern brand, the sensation you get there behind the wheel is great. The steering is just so exact synchronized and the comfort you feel in that perfectly molded seat is fantastic. Of course with the performance on the road, with acceleration for safe overtakings and the way these cars go through the curves, sure make one fine example of German engineering at its best.

Click on the photo to read about the philosophy behind BMW i - The City Mobility Project

Click on the photo to read about the philosophy behind BMW i – The City Mobility Project

I like that more and more manufacturers are beginning to produce electric cars at last. We, the market, have been waiting for this. More brands to choose from, bigger series, better infrastructure when it comes to charging stations with better technology, cheaper purchase etc… Mobility is finally ready to take one more step in evolution. The concept of BMW i, stands for sustainable mobility. Innovative electric vehicles with great design and best of service. Please click on the logo above to read more about the philosophy behind their concept! Below, you have the trailer for BMW i3, the car I signed up for, to take on a test drive. It´ll be great! I can´t wait! 😉

For the moment, I don´t have a car, but I know that I will pretty soon need one again. Of course it should be electric. The dream, for long now, has been a white beauty with the name Tesla Model S, but now I´m not so certain. Perhaps I´m going to like the “Bimmer” that much I actually change my mind. Also interesting is the hybrid Opel Ampera, that already has been around now for a while, which makes it possible to actually find a used one, for a better price. The same with Nissan Leaf. It´s a pity that Volvo C30 Electric is made in a limited serie of only 100 cars this year, and that these cars will be leased exclusively to special clients of theirs for testing. Hmm… perhaps Sustainaboost could become a special client?! 😉 I like Volvo a lot and I have been driving many in the past. It is a very safe car Volvo, it saves lives. I know that from experience. 😀 Anyway, I´m looking forward to try the new all-electric BMW and I´m sharing the opportunity with you, here below.

Click on the picture to sign up for a BMW i3 testdrive!

Click on the picture to sign up for a BMW i3 test drive!

Go on! Be one of the first people in the world to try this new car of great innovations, click now! Drive safe, all of you out there! 🙂

By the way, feel free to like, share and comment and please, if you know people who could be interested in the topics I write about, spread the word! Thanks for reading! …and have a great day! 😀

Tobias Jansson, Circular Economy Guru :)

Sustainaboost proudly introduce you to world friend and green warrior Tobias Jansson. He is dedicated to work and to inspire, to make Earth a better place, more sustainable through adapting a Circular Economy. For some of you, perhaps the concept of Circular Economy is new. Here is a little bit of explanation about the general ideas. Enjoy!


Circular Economy is a win-win situation for business and environment.

Why do people have problems with waste and environmentally harmful emissions, while ants do not, despite living in advanced societies? As a matter of fact, the total biomass of ants on earth exceed that of humans, but they still do not cause any harm, like people do. Why is this? People do have a design problem. Nature doesn’t.

If we re-think and re-design products and business models and get it right from the beginning, we’re able to create a solution that is sustainable over the long term and works exactly as good as natural systems. It’s about using materials which can flow as nutrients in technical and biological closed, cradle to cradle loops, and the development of innovative business models that supports these material flows. Then we can save a lot of money and resources for the economy and the society as a whole. We can create business benefits while using resources more wisely.


The concept, which is called Circular Economy, is a new, positive and solutions-oriented way of dealing with our resource challenges. The idea is that we need to turn today’s linear economy, which implies taking out resources, making products, consuming and finally disposing them, into an economy that works according to circular principles.

Here´s an example of a Cradle to Cradle-certified product. The park bench, NeoRomántico Liviano 100% aluminio, on Barceloneta Plaza from the Barcelona based company Santa & Cole. They produce urban furnitures and lampposts etc… Mainly for the markets of the Iberian peninsula, France and Latin America. Please check out the movie clip on the link below. In this case aluminum works as the “technical nutrient”.


Right now there’s a lot of things going on in this field, i e thanks to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, founded by sailing-around-the-world-recordist Ellen MacArthur in 2010. The foundation asked management firm McKinsey & Company to do research in what economic value a transition to a circular economy might bring about. The answer McKinsey came up with in the report “Towards The Circular Economy vol 1” (2012) was USD630 billion per annum, looking only at a subset of EU manufacturing sectors. The Ellen MacArthur foundation has also launched The Circular Economy 100, a business coaching initiative in which the foundation works with companies such as Coca-Cola, Ikea, Marks & Spencer and Ricoh to accelerate their transition to circular business models.


Tobias Jansson, a writer and lecturer who co-founded Scandinavia´s leading sustainable lifestyle magazine Camino in 2006 is now one of the front figures in Sweden trying to spread the word about the Circular Economy concept. On his blog and in an upcoming book he writes about entrepreneurs and visionaries working to form a circular future. With departure in his interviews he gives lectures on Circular Economy and also holds workshops where participants are given the challenge to transform business cases with linear business models into circular ones. The lectures and workshops are available in Swedish and English, and right now Tobias Jansson is looking for opportunities to speak more internationally, not just in Europe, but anywhere an interested audience awaits him. Main target is business developers, science parks, educations in business, technology and design, as well as municipalities.

Tobias is always traveling by the best alternative of transports. If train is not an option to his destination, sometimes you can see him like this. Happy behind the steering wheel of an electric car. 😀


This is what a lecture could look like.

On the picture below Tobias explains the difference between traditional sustainability work, when you try to minimize damage, less emissions, less impact etc… and the circular point of view, that says: “Being less bad is no good”. Cradle to cradle is about starting from zero emission and then being 100% good, or more. If you´re going in the opposite direction instead of the way towards your goal, you need to turn around to get to your goal. You are not going to get there simply by breaking and slowing down you speed.


Here are some pictures from a workshop in Circular Business Models with Business Region Gothenburg.


If you want to book lectures or workshops with very inspiring green warrior Tobias Jansson, you can write him an e-mail in English, Swedish or Spanish. Would you like to have a 15% discount on his price? Your discount key is: Sustainaboost! Tell him that you read about him here! 😉

Contact and connect with Tobias Jansson on:


His blog and webpage:

Follow Tobias on Twitter:


I want to say thank you Tobias for all inspiration and great things you are doing! I wish you best of luck with your future work, the book, the blog, lectures and workshops! Also the best of luck to all other green warriors of this beautiful planet. Together, we will make it better! Over and out… Thank you! 😀


Innovation, engineering and great thinking!

Imagine yourself a brand new car in front of you, with the most beautiful designed lines, impressive, highlighted with reflections of the sunshine on a warm summer morning. You feel a slight wind breeze in your hair, you open the front door on the driver´s side and place yourself in the comfortable seat. You smell the scent of the brand new car, you look around you to see the most modern solutions of high tech in total harmony with top notch interior design. You tune in your favorite song or radio station on the large touch screen of the centre console. Then you grab the steering wheel… and off you go! Acceleration of a sports car, comfort of a luxury car, silence like if you were sitting in a first class compartment on a train. All this but without emitting exhaust fumes.


This is what Tesla Motors (Official) are offering their customers today!

The old Tesla, Nikola Tesla, was a great inventor, engineer and futurist, working on a large range of projects and succeeding to come up with many great solutions. He worked during a period of time for the famous Thomas Edison, but maybe he did not get the recognition that he actually deserved. His idea of developing electric cars for the public however, is still alive and kicking.

The new Tesla, Tesla Motors (Wiki), was founded in 2003. Tesla started off by manufacturing the first fully electric sports car in serial production, the model was called Tesla Roadster. It reminds a bit of the Lotus Elise on its exterior design but it´s powered by lithium-ion battery cells with a capacity to travel 320 km (200 miles) on one charge. I have always been really interested in cars, since I was a little boy. At that time I liked small toy cars and now when I am big, I like big “toy” cars. Very logical! Anyway, I have been following Tesla through the years and when I spotted a Roadster in a parking lot, for quite some time ago, I had to take this picture.


A beautiful GREEN car and I like the registration plate that says: “KÖRPÅEL”. That is Swedish and means “DRIVESONELECTRICITY”. Until September 2012 Tesla Motors sold 2.400 cars of the Roadster model, and these sales helped the funding of developing the Model S that is a luxury sedan with great comfort, but still having the performance of a sports car. Model S is now the top selling plug-in electric car in North America. Tesla says that their goal is to sell 21.000 cars in 2013 and expected global sales for 2014 of 30.000 units.

The Model S 17″ Touchscreen Display

Tesla Model S is not only beautiful with comfort and great high tech, it´s also very practical. Check out the space for example! Hehe! 😉

How Many Kindergarten Students Can Fit Into a Tesla Model S?

Also very economic! Here is a clip about their new supercharger.

Supercharger Announcement

…and here, amazing battery swap in 90 seconds. Faster than to fill up your car with gas!

What is electric car battery swap tech, and why is it important?

Future aim is in line with old Nikola´s idea. The third generation car will be in the size of Audi A4 and will offer everything such as range, performance and affordability targeting the mass market. Just what Nikola Tesla wanted, to make a good electric car available for the people.

My blog is only a few weeks old and there are so many interesting things I would like to write about. What made me decide on a blog post right now about Tesla, is all recent news about this interesting company. News that have increased the value of the Tesla stocks that much so that now actually the company exceeds the value of FIAT, and they manufacture millions of cars. For example we were reported profit of the first quarter this year, which was the first profitable quarter in the history of Tesla. Tesla also repaid a loan to the Department of Energy of more than 450 million dollars last week, that was 9 years earlier than they needed. The Tesla stock is now up more than 200% the last three months. Some voices have been heard criticizing Co-founder and CEO Elon Musk, about his frequent posts on twitter and social medias, meaning that this could have effects on the stock. I on the other hand believe that Elon Musk is a true genius when it comes to marketing strategy. The people Musk is reaching on blogs and social medias, know exactly what they look for, they´re trendy, they like technology, they care about the planet and in general I think their age, interests and hobbies are totally lined up to fit perfectly into the target group for Tesla Motors.

You can follow Elon Musk on twitter and also Tesla Motors.

I hope that Tesla Motors can continue selling their wonderful high tech engineered beautiful creations over the internet and that the State of North Carolina and others being against, rethink, and start to see the clever in the smart concept of cutting unnecessary intermediaries to make better car deals for more and happier customers. Everybody should work together to switch from fossil fuels to renewables and for win-win situations.

I want to be as good as possible to our planet, but I also always liked cars a lot. For the moment I don´t have a car, but thanks to more and more alternatives of electric vehicles and the fact that I have six charging stations within walking distance from my flat here in Barcelona, I now consider getting some kind of transport. I don´t need to compromise. I can now be sustainable, environmentalist and a good friend to Mother Earth but at the same time I can still dream about an awesome car without feeling guilty. So maybe in the future I drive my white Tesla Model S on a curvy road, along the sea, in the sunset… somewhere. 😉

So a big thanks to Elon Musk and Tesla Motors! …and all others in the electric vehicle industry, for letting me keep my passion, beautiful cars, but without feeling bad! Good luck to you all and have a nice day! 😀

Rent electric!

I´m so happy to see that more and more companies offer electric vehicles for rent in my city, (I´m especially happy if they charge the batteries with renewable energy). Wherever you go here in Barcelona, you see shops in all sizes, small, medium or big, renting out a large range of electric bicycles, motorbikes or cars. The trend of an increasing amount of offices within this niche, shows that there is a great demand among the millions of tourists that come here every year. You can cruise along the beach on the boardwalk in the sunshine, with wind in your hair, but without engine noise in your ears. If you´re cycling up the hills to enjoy the wonderful view overlooking the city, with the sea in the background, it can be really helpful with an electric boost helping you to get a move on those pedals.

Pictures below: The beach of Barceloneta from the cable car to Montjuïc and a beautiful view from Parc Güell overlooking the city.


I hope that renting electric can be an eye-opener and an inspiring thing, so that people who are trying these vehicles here on their vacation, will consider to go electric next time they turn their car in for a new one, or next time they buy a new motorbike. Another great thing in Barcelona is the “Bicing“, a mass transit system. With your bicing card, you´re free to catch a bike from one of the many bike stations and ride it to wherever you´re going in the city, and then you just park it in another station. I know that a lot of cities use the same clever concept, for example the city of Stockholm.


Pictures above: On the first photo you have an office with electric bikes for rent. It´s a new shop that opened just recently here in my neighborhood. I spotted it on my way to the beach the other day. A small business with a few bikes, but a brilliant idea with great potential. I´m sure they will do excellent. The second one, is a photo of me riding one of my bikes. There´s no engine on this one, except me, myself and I! Still young! 😉 …and still going strong! 😀 Hehe! No, but seriously! If you want to transport yourself in a more sustainable way, turning your back to fossil fuels, than going by bike, you need to walk… and if you want to go extremely sustainable, walk barefooted! Wow! Talking about global footprints! 😉

Reuse and create!

Look, how easy it is to make something useful of old junk! I put an old champagne box, another kind of storage box and a frame together and there it is… A very practical table with small racks on the side for storing fruits and veggies or whatever else we’d like to keep there.


I also need to mention how easy it is here in Barcelona, to find old furnitures, decoration and material for reuse or recycling. Every district or suburb here has one specific day a week each, when you can put out whatever things you don’t need anymore, in the street. People hereby get the chance to pick and choose among all things they can find useful. If you find a sofa for example, that you like more than your old one, just change it for that one!

This gives the population a possibility to have nice comfortable homes, even if they don’t want to contribute to the stressed consumption society and put further pressure on the planet. If you change some interior every now and then and if you reuse, sometimes remarkably fine arts and furnitures you have hard to understand that someone doesn’t want, then in a few years, you’ll have a wonderful decorated home without spending a fortune on it.

After midnight of the actual date for each district’s “throw away day” the municipality collects and takes away the junk and old stuff that are left in the streets. I think it’s great and very sustainable how these things work here. For sure it could inspire other cities to do it in the same organized way. Have a nice day! 🙂

Earth fair, Barcelona

I´m dedicating this blog post to Fira de la Tierra (Earth fair), in Parc de la Ciutadella, in the centre of Barcelona. This is a wonderful event in April every year, showing love and respect for Mother Earth.

arc de triomfalazoo

Among stands of handicrafts, artisans, entertainers, artists and musicians, all the way from Arc de Triumf, throughout the park and down towards the Barcelona Zoo, you also see a big range of stalls from companies and cooperatives displaying their smart products from the best of sustainable and renewable inventions. These can be things such as solar kitchens, solar panels, water purification and filter systems, sustainable architecture and construction with different solutions like cal-earth or earth ship buildings.


Some of my favorite type of stalls are those from all local farmers selling seeds, plants and fruits, these of course being organic and ecologically cultivated. If I should select one of all represented organizations, to tell you a little bit more about, I would choose Hortganic! This is a very nice cooperation and network that brings the locally produced fruits, veggies and herbs, into the city of Barcelona for its people to enjoy. The collaboration with farmers, and to distribute their products, is not limited only to sell through fruit and vegetable shops. You can for example as a customer also, in a very clever way, pick up your weekly food basket at your local yoga-centre, always with the best quality of locally grown organic food, flavored by the sun.


I hope that the Earth fair of Barcelona and similar events with its happy and joyful atmosphere can inspire other cities and towns across the globe, to host the same concepts of happenings. From the Earth fair this year we now have three varieties of Basil, two different Coriander plants, Stevia and Mint added on to our little balcony garden, but also the warm memories of great music, delicious food and loving happy people from every corner of the planet. As long as I´m here in Barcelona on the actual dates, for sure I will go to Earth fair again, to participate in the celebration of Mother Earth, every year. Truly recommended! 😀 Have a great day all of you!