Heroes, cycling for the world

I´m really happy today! Even if a lot of bad and negative things are going on in this world, there´s also incredibly much love around us to be grateful for. Two true gentlemen took off on an adventure today, they´re now on an airplane somewhere above the Atlantic ocean. Kenneth Wallin and Magnus Hörberg are not only my friends, they´re genuine world friends and the best of heroes. They are very inspiring to me and I´m writing this blog post not only to promote and help them reach out with there wonderful cause, but also because I feel that the world should know about this. If they inspire me, this could also be of great importance for others and hopefully in the long term, taking part of creating possibilities for positive change, such as rethinking values, gaining sustainable awareness about unity and making impact on a humanitarian level, causing better quality of life and happiness for more people. For all of us. We are all the same… we´re children of the world!
AdventureAid, Respect Life

AdventureAid, Respect Life

AdventureAid, NPO, founded in 2011

One day in August 2011 Kenneth Wallin, or “Kenta” as he is called by his friends, borrowed his mother´s three speed bicycle and took it for an adventure through Europe. Combining his great passion for sports and his will to do good, helping out in best of charity spirit, he now visited many of the biggest football clubs in Europe, such as Hamburger SV, Paris Saint Germain, FC Barcelona and AC Milan. He returned to Sweden on the bike, that was fully packed with, by world stars signed, football jerseys ready to be auctioned out to fundraise as much as possible. This first trip in the name of AdventureAid contributed with almost 20,000 Euros to rehabilitation programs for former child soldiers in Liberia. Together with The Red Cross he now created a chance for these poor traumatized kids to get back into school and reconnect with there families.
On the picture below you can see Kenta ready to get going on the 2011 adventure trough Europe. 2.600 km in total! That´s amazing! 🙂
Here you have pictures from the first mission of AdventureAid, from the left: Kenta receiving a signed Sweden national squad Ice Hockey jersey from swedish legend Peter “Foppa” Forsberg. Then great collectors items in form of football jerseys signed by Sneijder and Zlatan “Ibra” Ibrahimovic. And on the last image Kenta is happily getting a huge sponsored check before an Ice Hockey game. 😀 Very well done Kenta, so many people are proud of you!
This adventure, autumn 2013
This time, on cycling adventure v. 1.02 😉 Kenneth has a companion by his side, Magnus Hörberg. Just like Kenneth he also originates from the region of Småland in the south of Sweden. (We are a lot of good friendly people from there?! 😉 Perhaps the green forests, the silence, the fresh air and the many beautiful lakes make impact? I don´t know, what do you think?) Anyway, Magnus is a close friend to Kenneth and he supported the last trip very well. He has great experience of surviving in nature, as he has been working as adventure and nature guide both in Sweden and New Zealand, Kayaking, cycling, trekking, rafting etc… You name it, he has done it! He´s also a very skilled photographer and I´m sure that following their blog, we will see beautiful photos of the great variety of nature´s scenery, that they´ll pass through on their trip.
Magnus cooking in the wild. Click the image to see his webpage, a great thing is the “Green pricing” concept, I like that a lot! 😀
From Alaska to Florida
Anyway, this time our friends are setting off for a longer trip! I told you before that they´re on an airplane above the Atlantic ocean. They´re on their way to Anchorage, Alaska. They will ride their bikes for about 100 days, 100 km per day, and after 10,000 km they will reach Miami, Florida. I´m sure they will have a fantastic time, with great experiences and many beautiful sights on the way along coasts, ridges and valleys, passing lakes, mountains and forests. A travel like this needs very well preparation and planning. On the picture here you can see how they checking the new camera equipment 😉 …packaging bikes for the flight and first taking everything by car to the airport in Stockholm, Sweden. Click the picture for link to the AdventureAid Facebook page. Because that is definitely there only for you to like! And spread the word about their great cause!
Media coverage and fundraising
Media are showing great interests in AdventureAid. Kenneth and Magnus have already had meetings with Swedish National Television, about the “Children of the Earth (Världens barn)”-gala broadcasting later on this autumn, but also been interviewed for newspapers and Swedish Radio. The concept for the trip this time is that companies and organizations donate money, buying legs as part of the distance, and Kenneth and Magnus are cycling for them, making commercial and branding the logos of the stretches paid for. They offer different options and packages of distance and days for the sponsors. Click the picture to find out how it works! As a business partner you have the opportunity to be visible on the annual TV-gala by the Swedish National Television on October the 11th as well as coverage by magazines and NPO´s digital media and the AdventureAid blog. If you´re looking for branding your company, giving it an extra boost, here´s your opportunity!
SVT-Swedish National Television, Smålandsposten, SR-Swedish Radio
The AdventureAid Alaska to Florida fundraising is in collaboration with NPO Children of the Earth, (Världens Barn, in Swedish) who successfully raised about 10 million Euros in 2012 for different projects around the world.
Click the image below to see where the money goes!
I hope that all of you, Sustainaboost readers out there, appreciate this post! Even if you don´t want to donate or sponsor AdventureAid on the mission I still hope that you support the good cause of Kenneth and Magnus. Spread the word, follow, like and share on all social medias. Giving is receiving, the more positive output you give to this world, the more love will find back to you. The children are the future and of course our heroes Kenta and Mange are well worth to have the best adventure possible out there pedaling, I´m sure they´d appreciate feedback and response… even though I don´t think their huge smiles, as well as their hearts, can ever get any bigger!
To Kenta and Mange! Sustainaboost wish you the best of luck, keep up the incredible work making this planet a better place… and never stop to inspire the rest of us to be a little bit better as well! Big hugs and love to you both! 😀
…by the way, I´m ready to join you next time! If you want proof?! …here´s a picture for you:
Football, cycling, enjoying nature?! I can live with that! ;)

Football, cycling, enjoying nature?! I can live with that! 😉

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